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jQuery Textarea Attachment

Adds upload functionality to a textarea by either drag-dropping or pasting (only in chrome) an image inside the textarea. It shows progress and pastes the generated link when the upload has completed.

It mimics the attachment functionality which is used in issue comments on Github.


KJ Sencha

Ext JS module for Zend Framework 2 meant to ease the development of Ext JS applications in combination with PHP, it currently provides Direct API support, server side code generators and helpers to speed up development.



Started out as a experimental project to learn Zend Framework 2 and the corresponding design patterns

Socialog is a Zend Framework 2 powered blog platform aimed to provide developers their own personal blog which they can easily customize and extend with flexible modules. Modules are provided to integrate with services like Disqus, Tumblr, Github and Google Analytics.

Socialog contains the following submodules:

  • SocialogAdmin
  • SocialogDiscus
  • SocialogCodeMirror
  • SocialogAnalytics
  • SocialogGithub
  • SocialogTumblr



Simple wrapper for Ghostscript